Fume Cupboards

Laboratory fume cupboards (ducted or recirculating), local exhaust ventilation systems and powder handling extract booths are all designed to contain potentially hazardous materials or chemicals and therefore it is important to know that it is performing correctly and providing protection for operators, the environment and in some circumstances, the ‘product’.

It is important, not only to meet the requirements of national standards and design requirements for system performance, but it is also vital to ensure that directives or requirements relating to Health and Safety and COSHH are also adhered to.

Validair’s engineers can carry out the required tests to give peace of mind that the system(s) meet the required performance criteria.  Fume cuboards are tested to COSHH & BS7258:1994, BS7989:2001 including containment and gaseous phase testing.

Full comprehensive validation reports are issued following each visit and provide a valuable record of performance levels for the systems and assure you of its continued conformance.