Validair Test & Certification

Validair has been providing services as a validation test house for over 20 years to the contamination control industry, with its aim to be the first choice for clean air validation services.  Customers benefit from Validair’s extensive experience within the cleanroom industry.  Where regulatory compliance is a mandatory requirement, we ensure that all our years of understanding and experience is applied therefore delivering without fuss, delay or overspend.  We work with clients and regulators to ensure that there is full understanding and continuity of approach.

In addition to the test and certification services, Validair offer a comprehensive validation support service for the provision of qualification documentation to satisfy the requirements of regulatory bodies such as MHRA and FDA.  Validair can provide an extensive range of tailored contracts and services for testing a wide range of “clean air” environments.

Our Experience

All work is carried out by a team of trained test and certification engineers who can carry out environmental performance tests for all types of contamination controlled facilities and equipment.

    •    Clean Air Test and Certification
    - Cleanroom Suites
    - Isolators and RABS

    - Microbiological Safety Cabinets and UDAFs
    - Fume Cupboards and LEVs
    •    GMP Compliance and Validation Support
    •    Filter Replacement
    •    Temperature and Humidity Mapping

Our long experience and knowledge of the demands of regulatory authorities such as the FDA and MHRA, and third party audits, enables us to provide a comprehensive high quality service to all cleanroom and laboratory users.

Our filter supply and management services; offering control, supply and installation of system pre-filters and HEPA filters further enhances the range of services Validair provide.



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