Facility Monitoring Software

FMS 5 Facility Monitoring System is an advanced, reliable and user-friendly monitoring software suite that has a true open architecture supporting multiple instrument inputs from any manufacturer. Standard inputs include Airborne Particle Counters, Liquid Particle Counters, Temperature / Humidity, Differential Pressures, ESD, Airborne Molecular Contamination and more.

Full audit trail, password aging and lockout after failed logins, ensures secure, tamper-proof data archiving and reporting. The system’s security is easily configurable. User groups allow users and managers appropriate levels of system access.

Ease of Use 

An intuitive, user configurable interface means immediate visibility of real-time data. Single mouse click access to historical data and report generation leads to reduced operator training, immediate data access and improved process control.


FMS 5 supports multiple system outputs e.g. beacons, sounders, SMS text, email, auto-dialers and reporting. Operators and managers are immediately informed of an event. This information aids in root cause investigations, process validation and improved product quality.  FMS 5 is available with industry standard OPC protocols, which helps to standardise data flows between equipment, devices & systems.


  • Pharmaceutical Clean Room Monitoring
  • Semiconductor and Hard Disk Drive Clean Room Monitoring
  • Medical Device
  • Hospital Pharmacies
  • In-Vitro Fertilization Facilites
  • EU Tissue and Cell Directive
  • Aerospace