Portable Particle Counters

Validair offers a complete line of Portable Particle Counters, offering some of the lightest products on the market, making it easy to transport from location to location. Up to 10,000 sample points and 999 locations allow you to store more information on one instrument.

TSI's range of portable particle counters are easy to set-up and recall specific tests and recipes.  An instant Pass/Fail reporting set up for ISO 14644/1 and EU GMP Annex 1 makes them especially liked by validation professionals.  Professional certifiers prefer AeroTrak’s easy icon-driven touch screen interface when measured against comparable products.  

AeroTrak portable counters draw samples through long sample tubing, making it easy to perform tests at multiple locations, conduct filter testing, and to take surface particle samples.  The counters are designed to plug and play with TSI's accurate, low velocity probes to certify critical air flows in cleanrooms.  The alarms are the loudest available, making it easy to hear even in the nosiest background environments.  The 100 LPM version allows you to sample 1 m3 of air in just 10 minutes, shortening the time needed to perform classifications.

All AeroTrak counters interface with TrakPro™ Lite and FMS 5.0 software.