Monitoring & Critical Alarm Systems

Validair Monitoring Solutions provides design, supply, installation, commissioning, validation and training for monitoring and critical alarm systems. Our clients include pharmaceutical and biotech companies, hospitals, universities, IVF laboratories, stem cell, research and blood/tissue storage. In the majority of cases, these monitoring and alarm systems are installed to meet the demands of the strictest quality regimes and mandatory regulatory requirement. Our systems are typically installed in facilities that are regulated and licensed by either the FDA, MHRA, HTA or HFEA. The parameters monitored are site specific, but typically will include:

Relative humidity
Particle counts
Air flow velocity
Door contacts
CO2 and O2 concentration

These monitoring systems are designed, installed and maintained to provide robust and secure service and can be modified or expanded to meet future requirements. Both wired and wireless sensor types are accommodated; many systems have a mixture of both. The sites covered by our monitoring systems range from small laboratories to large corporate manufacturing facilities. No matter what scale the requirement may be, Validair can provide the right solution.


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