Laboratory and Research

Validair Monitoring Solutions provide state of the art critical alarm and monitoring systems from the world’s leading suppliers.  These systems perform a key role within your quality management structure and help to ensure that Good Laboratory Practice is maintained and that compliance with standards such as Clinical Pathology Accreditation can be demonstrated.

Secure real-time and historical data are simple to view, either on site or from a remote location. Out of hours critical alarms for items such as incubators, fridges, freezers, cold stores and cryo-storage dewars are sent by sequential auto dial out,  SMS text and email.  Reports can be automatically scheduled or simply created on demand.  A full audit trail of all events and interactions is maintained throughout the operation of the system.

The sensors that independently monitor your equipment can either be hardwired or operate wirelessly.  Often systems combine the two methods in order to provide the optimum level of data security with minimum cost and disruption.

Typical installations are primarily for temperature monitoring, but may include the following environmental sensors:-
•    Temperature
•    Relative humidity
•    Liquid nitrogen level
•    Oxygen
•    Carbon dioxide
•    Room pressure Differential pressure
•    Volatile organic compounds
•    Open/closed doors
•    Volt free alarm contacts
•    Total organic compounds
•    Airborne particulates

We provide the complete service from assessing your requirements, assisting with preparation of the User Requirement Specification,  supply,  installation,  testing,  commissioning and validation. Subsequent calibration and servicing is covered by our support package options which can include extended warranty.