Industrial Cleanrooms & Controlled Environments

Validair Monitoring Solutions provide validated monitoring systems and particle counters from the world’s leading suppliers.  Monitoring of airborne cleanliness and cleanroom performance status is a key part of your quality management system that will help to ensure either regulatory or customer specification compliance and the best product yield.  It will enable you to demonstrate that you have control over your processes and for your cleanroom staff to undertake their duties with confidence.

Our cleanroom monitoring systems include particle counters from the TSI AeroTrak range of products.  We also supply standalone portable and handheld particle counters from TSI.   All are simple to use, fully featured, state of the art products from this leading manufacturer.  Other environmental sensors frequently included in our monitoring systems include:
•    Temperature
•    Relative humidity
•    Room pressure
•    Differential pressure
•    Volatile organic compounds

We provide the complete service from assessing your requirements, assisting with preparation of the User Requirement Specification,  supply,  installation,  testing,  commissioning and final validation. Subsequent calibration and servicing is covered by our support package options which can include extended warranty.