Validair Monitoring Solutions

Validair Monitoring Solutions are experts in the design, supply and installation of continuous monitoring and critical alarm systems for facilities including cleanrooms, laboratories, assisted conception units, blood and tissue banks, healthcare, cold-chain distribution or any other critical controlled environment.

We specialise in particulate monitoring and all other aspects of controlled environment operations. Working in partnership with TSI and ViGIE Solutions we provide state of the art monitoring and critical alarm systems and services.

Validair Monitoring Solutions have a comprehensive service support and calibration department which provides both on-site and “back to base” servicing and calibrations for particle counters, environmental sensors and instruments.

Where regulatory compliance is a mandatory requirement, Validair Monitoring Solutions’ experience and expertise ensures that each monitoring system is designed, specified, delivered and installed without fuss, delay or overspend. We work with clients and regulators to ensure there is full understanding and continuity of approach.  There are always unique aspects to each project, but applying fundamental best practice principles consistently and using an innovative design approach to each client’s requirements, delivers the best value and guaranteed compliance.