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IMPORTANT: our procedures and status in respect of COVID-19


VALIDAIR procedures and status in respect of Covid-19

The coronavirus pandemic is unprecedented in its global impact and speed of contamination. The fight against the virus is continuing on all fronts, which include the critical functions at the sharp end of the outbreak, such as the NHS and healthcare sectors in managing the human impact, and in the bioresearch and pharmaceutical industries looking to develop solutions to counter the virus.

Validair’s product and service solutions for contamination control are critical in these key sectors. That’s why we have strengthened our already stringent and robust procedures to ensure that Validair staff can continue to provide valuable support in those special environments.

As we operate predominantly in the contamination sector across many industries, the diligence imposed by coronavirus is not unfamiliar territory for us. Our expertise in risk assessment, operational procedures and best Health & Safety practices for working in contamination-sensitive environments at customer premises and across our own facilities are already strong but have been further reinforced. We have implemented enhanced, fully tracked and audited procedures that include clearly documented, unambiguous directives to address the identification of hazards and instruct on preventative measures for all Validair staff – to be adhered to at all times.

We will remain active at Validair in every conceivable capacity during this crisis in order to deliver the mission-critical support our customers and partners need. In parallel, we are making the safety and wellbeing of all our business colleagues, friends and families our top priority.

We wish you all the best and trust that you will stay safe and well.

Steve Wake. Managing Director, Validair Monitoring Solutions Limited

Steve Ward. Managing Director, Validair Diamond Scientific