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Milestone for our New Junior Engineers


Steve Wake, MD at Malvern-based Validair Monitoring Solutions Ltd, announced a milestone reached by two of the company’s newer young employees this February. In record time, Josh Solvason and Bayley Rea have both successfully navigated an accelerated training pathway to achieve official Validair recognition, formally classifying them as Junior Engineers.

Since joining Validair, Bayley Rea has gained a wide range of experience in the contamination control industry and is working independently on Validair customer sites with a focus on Service & Calibration. Bayley joined Validair last February.

In a little over 12 months in the industry, Josh Solvason has learned both VMS and FMS software platforms and has subsequently been certified in Basic FMS Training by TSI Inc. – seen as a notable achievement in the time. Josh joined Validair in October 2018 and now specialises in FMS System Integration & Install.

“I am delighted to see Bayley and Josh turn out to be such capable and talented professionals,” says Steve Wake. “Both have stepped up in their respective expert disciplines to qualify in record time. Now they are contributing fully to our growth plans.”

Wake also commented on the recent funding round that allowed Validair to invest in new engineering talent: “Our ability to employ these capable individuals is a direct result of the loan we secured from the Midlands Engine Investment Fund through Maven Capital Partners at the end of 2018. That pivotal contribution to our continued growth and success should not go unnoticed,” he explains.