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TSI launch range of VHP compatible particle counters

Vaporised hydrogen peroxide is now routinely used for bio-contamination control in isolators and RABS’s.  VHP is a powerful oxidising agent and if accidently drawn into a particle counter it can damage or contaminate the instrument optics.  This accidental damage can result in false particle counts, calibration errors or complete malfunction of the counter.

To address this issue of accidental exposure, Validair have launched TSI’s new range of VHP resistant remote particle counters with VHP resistant coatings and materials.  The new AeroTrak Remote Particle Counter 7510-VHP models come with a certificate confirming their VHP resistance and are warrantied against accidental VHP exposure, whereas standard remote counters are not.

Additionally, TSI conducted VHP-exposure testing with an external vendor using real-world validated gassing cycles. These test methods and results are available on request.