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Microsoft and FMS compatibility

Microsoft will cease to support Windows XP with effect from April 2014.  Many older installations of FMS are running on Microsoft Windows XP operating systems.  It is important therefore to consider how to maintain the future stability of the facility monitoring system.

It is likely that the I.T. team in your organisation will already have arrangements in place to upgrade the operating system to later Microsoft versions.  Careful consideration should be given to ensure that implementation of such operating system upgrades includes a plan that includes continutity of your facility monitoring system.

Most of our clients plan upgrades from Microsoft XP and FMS 3.0 to a later Microsoft version with the installation of FMS 5.0.  The following table provides information on the compatibility between different versions of FMS software and Microsoft operating system.

For more information on these important upgrades please call 01684 576452 or email monitoring@validair.com

Operating System FMS Software Version Recommendation
Windows XP FMS 3.0 Upgrade to later Windows version and FMS 5.0
Windows Vista   Not recommended
Windows 7 FMS 3.0     Planned upgrade from FMS 3.0 FMS 5.0
Windows 7 FMS 5.0 Current prefered setup
Windows 8 FMS 5.0 Both versions current but not many users preferred option
Windows Server 2003 FMS 3.0 Upgrade to later operating system and FMS 5.0
Windows Server 2008 FMS 3.0 or 5.0 Planned upgrade to FMS 5.0
Windows Server 2012 FMS 5.0 Current preferred setup