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Upgrade of early Lighthouse particle counters to current TSI versions

Many older FMS, monitoring systems include early versions of the Lighthouse 5104 remote particle counter.  Whilst these are still fully supported by Validair Monitoring Solutions, it is worthwhile considering their upgrade to a current specification, TSI remote counter.

Old particle counters do not improve with age and the cost of any major repair work could be significant.  A current unit could either be used to replace individual older units as they fail, or added to expand existing systems, or as a planned upgrade of the entire monitoring system.

The benefits of these upgrades are:

  • Latest product development
  • Compliance with ISO 21501 part 4
  • Improved connectivity
  • Improved stability
  • More choice on connectivity
  • Future proof compatibility with software upgrades

These advantages enable us to provide better support.  For more information on these upgrades please call 01684 576452 or email monitoring@validair.com