Safety Cabinets

Due to the nature of the work carried out in safety cabinets and their primary function as a device to protect the operator from potential hazardous substances, a routine performance evaluation and service is essential to ensure the cabinet is performing correctly and providing protection for the operator, the environment, and for Class II and Class III style safety cabinets, the product.  There are not only the requirements of national standards such as BS EN 12469-2000 to consider but it is also important to meet requirements relating to Health and Safety and COSHH.

  • Air velocity and volume measurements
  • HEPA filter integrity leak tests
  • Operator protection/Aperture retention tests using KI discus equipment
  • Cabinet function and pre-filter checks
  • Alarm and warning system checks
  • Lighting, noise, temperature and humidity level measurements

Full comprehensive validation reports are issued following each visit and provide a valuable record of performance levels for the safety cabinet and assure you of the continue conformance of the safety cabinet.